Courtesy Info & Policies

Enroll Anytime! There are no auditions or pre-requisites for The Little Studio classes or camps.
A completed Registration Form and Tuition Payment are required for registration. (Please see Payment Policies below)
Late enrollmentis welcomed when openings are available. Please contact The Little Studio Director, 
Wednesday Lampinen, for availability at or
(678) 656-3637.

There are NO Registration Fees for The Little Studio classes!
Tuition is due in full at registration*
*If you need a payment plan, please contact
the Director, Wednesday Lampinen,
at or (678) 656-3637.
FEES: A $10 late fee will be assessed for payment plan accounts not paid by the due date.
A $30 fee will be assessed for returned checks.
Delinquent Accounts (more than 7 days delinquent): When an account is more than 7 days delinquent, the student(s) will not be allowed to participate in classes or lessons until accounts are paid.
If you have been granted the courtesy of a payment plan, please be sure to pay on time so your child will not miss any of the fun!
TEACHER ABSENCES: A substitute teacher or makeup class/lesson will be provided for teacher absences. 
Makeup schedules are determined by The Little Studio and studio/school availability.
Notification of teacher absence, substitute teacher and makeup dates will be provided to parent (for studio programs) or school director (for school/daycare programs) as soon as possible. 
STUDENT ABSENCES: Due to the nature of our programs and the limited space in classes and camps, 
there are no makeup classes for student absences. 
LATE PICKUP:  If a parent is late picking their child up more than 2 times the child will no longer be able to participate and no refunds will be offered 
BEHAVIOR POLICY: Participation requires excellent behavior and we have adapted a “3-strikes policy”.  If the student receives a strike due to behavior during drama club his/her agenda will be signed indicating the reason for the strike. If a student accumulates 3 strikes during the semester/camp, that student will be dismissed from further participation in drama and no refund will be given.

PHOTOS & VIDEOS may be taken during classes for our website photo gallery and printed marketing materials.
By registering for classes you agree that photos/videos of your child may be used for this purpose.
Children will not be identified by name without prior written consent.
If you prefer no use of photos and videos, you agree to notify Wednesday Lampinen/The Little Studio in writing at the time of enrollment.
Notification can be in the form of an email or in the "Questions/Notes" section of this form.

REFUNDS will ONLY be given in the case of class cancellation by The Little Studio

Print a Copy of The Little Studio Policies